About Us

Firstly, we are qualified teachers with no exceptions.

We teach English to primary, secondary, and adult learners every day, in schools, online and through our personal classrooms. Because of this, we understand that every student is different. This is why we offer a range of teaching, learning and feedback methods.

To meet the needs of our students, we have developed two services; for those who prefer online lessons and those who like to access their lesson activities any time they choose. Both services provide access to a personal English teacher who will plan, set, and mark learning activities tailored to develop their areas of concern and enhance their areas of strength. Our online tuition service includes additional 1:1, live online lessons too.

We create positive learning relationships with our students. Our teachers will get to know you; plan, deliver and mark your learning activities and tailor your learning journey no matter the level, exam board or course you are studying. Our teachers will provide their support, work marking and feedback at the times when you need this most, in between lessons, learning tasks and at weekends.

We make learning:

  • Flexible with our online teacher service and homework tasks
  • Engaging through a range of audio, visual and written learning tasks
  • Accessible with a range of activities to keep you busy all week
  • Stick with our homework, reflection, and review activities

and most of all

    • Supported with our option to communicate with your learning teacher whenever you need to

We are not just tutors; we are Your Own English Teacher